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On Being Mad
An essay by Humphrey Osmond.
From: Saskatchewan Psychiatric Services Journal 1952;1:4.

Prohibition: Its Roots and Bitter Fruit
by Peter Webster
a lecture presented at ENCOD's Drug Peace Conference,
a counter-event to the annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Vienna, 7-9 March 2008
Audio file in mp3 of the lecture, March 8

Heretical Visionary Sacraments Amongst the Ecclesiastical Elite
by Carl A.P. Ruck & Blaise Daniel Staples
A video slideshow narrated by Carl A.P. Ruck
AVC .mp4 format - 1 hour duration - filesize: 563MB

Melusina of Plaincourault
by Carl A.P. Ruck, Blaise Daniel Staples, and José Alfredo González Celdrán
A video slideshow narrated by Carl A.P. Ruck
AVC .mp4 format - 1 hour duration - filesize: 366MB

Psychedelics in Eden - Video Programme
(DivX full resolution 609MB)

(Real Video 1/4 resolution 103MB)
The First Supper - by Peter Webster
A lecture first presented to the SISSC, Perinaldo, Italy, 2004.
Presented at the Albert Hofmann Celebration, Basel, 2006
Also available as a full-frame DVD (720x576 PAL) info:

Lecture by Jim Fadiman - mp3 audio
The Intelligent Use of Sacred Substances
A presentation to the graduate psychology students
at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto California.

Halluzinogene - Psychische Grenzzustände in Forschung und Psychotherapie
Hallucinogens - Psychic Borderline States in Research and Psychotherapy (in German)
by Hanscarl Leuner. (PDF File, 32MB see full description in the Books Menu)
An excerpt from the book,
(in English) is also available as a PDF file of 5MB

"Roots and Herbs"
A review of The Road to Eleusis 20th Anniversary Edition

"Learning from History"
A review of The United States and International Drug Control, 1909-1997

Mixing the Kykeon - ELEUSIS New Series 4, 2000

LIFE Magazine, March 25, 1966: LSD

Why MDMA Should Not Have Been Made Illegal

Marijuana Legalization: The Time Is Now

A Model Legalization Proposal

LIFE Magazine, October 1969: MARIJUANA

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Drugs, Media and Morality

LIFE Magazine, May 1957: Secret of Divine Mushrooms

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